Dave Lee Personal Training

Group Strength Class (max 6 persons)
with dave

June 25 (Saturday)
at 11:00

Class length
45 minutes

42 Louth Rd - Scartho

spots left
Choose which regular day/days each week you would like to train. If you would like to train more than once a week then purchase the relevant number of passes.  

Wednesday 10.30
Thursday 10.30
Friday 10.30
Saturday 11.00

Lifting weights to achieve maximum change for your body.  Help to become toned and stronger while learning how to lift weights and why you are doing it.

This class is for MAX 6 PERSONS that want to push on and reach the next level.  

This pass is great for persons that can make the set times/days and don't mind training with others. Also makes training a lot cheaper than 1-2-1 personal training.

The class will have no more than 6 persons which enables us to concentrate on progression, knowledge and achieving the goals you want.

Included in this class is the following - 

- WhatsApp group for all persons to help each other and be more knowledgeable regarding strength and nutrition
-Track and record weights, sets and reps to achieve progression overload
-Fitness and strength test
-Progression photos
-Nutrition advice and calorie counting
-Personal Goals 
-Gain knowledge regarding lifting weights, form and technique 
-24/7 advice and queries
-The sessions will change weekly to keep you interested and keep the body guessing

This pass can be used for any of the group PT sessions during the week what suits you on our timetable.  The 4 sessions must be used up within 5 weeks were your pass will then expire.


Sorry - that class has already taken place!